Hair for Your Needs

How much hair you will need depends on what you want to have done and how much hair you have naturally. You will want to use more hair for longer styles to give it a full, rich effect. If you have hair left over, you can use it later, so you wonít buy anything you canít use.
As a guide, here is what the average person may need:
Full braid weave 10" needs about 3oz - 5oz most people use 4oz
12" needs about 4oz - 6oz most people use 5oz
14" needs about 5oz - 7oz most people use 6oz
16" needs about 6oz - 8oz most people use 7oz
18" needs about 7oz - 9oz most people use 8oz
Bonded Hair or Tracks: one pack is enough for four to five tracks up to 18" hair length. Fusion or Micro-Linking: Everyone is different, so talk to your stylist first.

Long Lasting Hair Straight, Wavy, Curly, Kinky

Most other hair extension and weave products can only be used once and have to be replaced every 2 months. The Indian Hair can be styled, colored, cut and used over and over again for up to a YEAR. The hair is 100% human and free from chemical and toxins. Indian Hair is the most popular type of hair for extensions or weaves. Each set of hair is carefully selected for quality and consistency. Indian Hair matches most Caucasian and African-American hair, naturally. You can get any texture of hair you want Ė straight, wavy, curly or kinky, itís up to you.